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Your support is critical to your lodges success as well as your own. If you need to pay prior year dues in addition to the current year amount, please contact the Secretary, John Armstrong at, to make arrangements for the correct amount. If your PayPal account name or Credit Card name is different than your name on file with the Secretary, please send the Secretary a separate email to let him know who the payment belongs to.

IMPORTANT:Please note that a “2.9% plus $.30 Convenience Fee per transaction” will be added to all Payments made by using PayPal or by Credit Card. This additional amount will be automatically added to the amount that Newport Mesa is asking for. You will notice on your “Checkout Page” that this additional amount has been added to the original indicated Fee. If you are “Donating”, understand that a “2.9% plus $.30 Convenience Fee per transaction” will deducted from your desired Donation amount. Please take this into consideration when “Donating”. Thank you.

*** Masons 4 Mitts ***

We have a goal to raise funds to provide as many gloves as we can via the Masons4Mitts project!

Please visit Masons4mitts

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- REGION: Orange County

- TEAM: South Bounty Bears

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